Madam Samantha – Submit, Mesmerise

Madam Samantha - Submit, Mesmerise 1

This is my top clip, SUBMIT – You will overwhelm me my little pet. My perfect body, face, and lips will eat you alive while you watch me on screen, you can hear it, you can feel it while I whisper to your ear and take care of your mind. You are sold by my beauty everything in me is perfection. My long nails, beautiful hands moving back and forth. I’m gaining your attention whenever I want to, I will be seducing and taking control of your life.

Just watch and fantasy about me, listen and obey. Yes, you know what means: SUBMIT, be my good little pet. You will sacrifice everything for me and amuse me. Just surrender for your Princess, you are mine now. Just say it again and again, Yes Princess, Yes. You are mine now my little slave.

This mantra will be your day and night, you will watch my clip every day before you go to bed, you will repeat yourself “yes princess”, “yes princess” the never-ending loop is just getting started.

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