Princess Miki – Liberation Through Submission

Princess Miki - Liberation Through Submission 1

You have always been afraid of what you are turning to. You fear for how weak I’m making you. you cannot resist any words that comes trough my mouth since my power and influence are irresistible.
But you don’t have to worry at all. it’s only natural for being afraid of things like that, but let me explain this to you.

I want you to open your eyes and discover a new part of your life. I’m not turning anything inside you, just the opposite.

We both know that I know you better than yourself. Everything about your deepest fantasies to your thoughts inside and out. It can sound like a cliche, but its the state of today as you already know it.

This is not manipulation or anything like that, I’m just unlocking the secrets who you truly are.

The mask that you have carried for so long can be finally unmasked and released in front of me, don’t be afraid. The mask that you wear in the present world is not who you really are.

What you feel like I’m “turning you into” is not turning it is just discovering your true identity which you have carried inside you your whole life.

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